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Known to the world as "THE UNIVERSAL BROTHER," Stephon Uthman Shakir is a multifaceted artist, producer, and accomplished Funk Rock bassist who has left his indelible mark on the music industry. With a career that spans decades and continents, his unique blend of musical talent, creative vision, and collaborative spirit has garnered him international recognition and success.

Stephon Uthman Shakir's musical journey began as a young enthusiast, honing his skills on the bass guitar painstakenly earning a reputation for his virtuosity. His passion for music led him to explore various genres, eventually finding his true calling in the realm of POAM (Positive Orientated Alternative Music). In Japan Mr. Shakir collaborating with renowned designer, Kohshin Satoh (Miles Davis's Fashion Designer), created Arreston Volaju LP. Produced by Madonna's dicoverer and producer Mark Kamins. This album sold platimum in 36 hours. 

Another defining chapter in Stephon's career was his role as the front man for the United Kindom's based rock band BLACK RADIO. Taking direction and following the leadership from The Cure’s Derek Thompson brought a unique blend of alternative rock elements to the band's sound. Also in the band and supported by talented phenom drummer Apollo 440's Cliff Hewitt and bassist Reginald Abgwenth. BLACK RADIO made waves in the music scene, earning underground accolades for their captivating performances and genre-defying sound.

Stephon's journey took him from the UK to Los Angeles, where he joined forces with the legendary Sean Healy promotions.  Band members drummer Troy Berry, shredder guitarist Andrea Bari dominated the stage with bassist vocalist Stephon as the opening acts for iconic acts George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelics, and Digital Underground, to name a few. 

Jacksonville Florida. Stephon's career led him to Jacksonville, Florida, where he presently resides and embarked on a series of influential collaborations. Stephon's producer Paul Lapinski (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), MGeezy (T-Pain), and Mia Chapman. He further diversifies his musical portfolio here. These partnerships demonstrates his versatility as an artist and his capacity to seamlessly navigate various musical landscapes.

Today, Stephon Uthman Shakir has set his sights on global collberations again in the entertainment industry. Partnering with luminaries like Clive Fox, Damon Whitaker, and Robert Bell at ONE WORLD MEDIA GROUP, collectively spearheading initiatives related to entertainment synchronization, publishing, distribution of audiobooks, music catalogs, and record company ventures. This partnership is a testament to Stephon's continued relevance and ambition, showcasing his commitment to shaping the future of entertainment.

With an illustrious career that spans continents, collaborations with musical legends, and a visionary approach to artistry, Stephon Uthman Shakir remains a beacon of creativity and innovation. As "THE UNIVERSAL BROTHER," he has not only pushed the boundaries of musical expression but has also forged connections across cultures, genres, and artistic disciplines. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring musicians and creatives worldwide, cherishing his place in the pantheon of influential and trailblazing artists.


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