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At One World Media, our music publishing division serves as a platform for talented artists to share their musical expressions with the world. But our reach extends beyond traditional avenues - we excel at connecting artists with sync supervisors for television shows, movies, documentaries, and commercials, ensuring that your music finds its place in the visual tapestry of storytelling.

We believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to transcend boundaries. Through our audiobooks, we weave intricate narratives that come to life through the magic of spoken word, captivating listeners and transporting them to new realms. As a record label, we're not just in the business of music; we're in the business of crafting emotions and melodies that resonate with hearts around the globe.

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'Sketches of Love' Takes the World by Storm: Michael Reiss' Single Soars Past 700,000 Plays!

Golden Microphone Award
Golden Microphone Award
We are beyond proud to celebrate an incredible milestone achieved by our talented artist, Michael Reiss, and his captivating song "Stay With Me," from the album "Sketches of Love," released under our label, One World Media. This masterpiece has now surpassed an astounding 700,000 plays across global networks including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and more. "Sketches of Love" is an emotional journey through the essence of love, encapsulating the exhilarating peaks and the melancholic troughs with each beat poetry ballad. Michael Reiss, a remarkable songwriter, producer, and vocalist, has masterfully blended various genres to create a distinctive sound that resonates deeply with listeners. His ability to evoke vintage vibes in a contemporary manner, coupled with his raspy voice and profound lyrics, draws parallels to the iconic Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Michael for this outstanding achievement and for bringing such a powerful and emotionally rich experience to listeners around the world. One Sketch at a time, Michael Reiss is defining a new era of musical expression.

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"Running the RadioTron"

Won "Best Documentary" at the Chandler Film Festival 2024

Produced by, and starring, One World Media's COO, Damon Whitaker

Documentary of running an historic Hip Hop night club and youth center in Los Angeles. Congratulations to Damon Whitaker and the entire production team.

Running the Radiotron
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